What are printables?

In short, a printable is a digital file. In this case nothing is delivered to your home but instead you receive an email with a download link to the print or poster you ordered. You can use a printable in many different ways. You can print it at your home printer, go to a copyshop or have an item printed like a phone case or a bag.

Delivery time

After the payment has been processed, you will receive a link where you can download the printables directly. The download link remains active 7 days after purchase.


  • Printables purchased from Foxy Print Design may only be used for personal purposes
  • Do you want to use my designs for commercial purposes? Contact us!
  • You may not sell or offer printables as your own design
  • You may not upload printables on a website of yourself or anyone else
  • All designs remain the (intellectual) property of Foxy Print Design at all times